Aims and Objectives

The Institute of the Brothers of St.Gabriel Society, Province of North-East India is a voluntary charitable organisation, in a spirit of Christian love and guided by the spirituality of St. Louis Montfort.

The Society aims at the welfare and the integral development leading to wholesome physical, intellectual, psychological and spiritual growth of all persons, without the distinction of caste or creed, religion or race, or other considerations, through charitable activities in the field of formal or non-formal education, developmental activities, and community development projects as well as by developing leadership and helping them to   inculcate the values of truth justice, equality, love, co-operation and brotherhood.

It further strives to care for the children particularly persons with disability, and adults so as to facilitate all-round intellectual, moral and   spiritual growth and development of human values and to serve the cause of socio-economic growth of the people of North-East India.

To administer and run institutions which shall offer appropriate facility, training and education to all. To channel energies of the people towards culture and linguistic activities and to encourage skills towards constructive national work and promote such programmes and activities aimed at nation building.